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5. Information Technology in Postal Services - International Training
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Programme Rationale:

The Postal Service has been traditionally concerned with the transmission of written messages or what is called physical mail. The rapid progress made in communic -ations and information technologies has led to wide scale substi -tution of physical transmission by other forms of communication using electronic media. In fact, only 20% of the world communic -ations market is still retained by physical mail and this share is expected to go down to 14.5 % in the near future. The vast increase in the power of computers, telecommunications, satell -ites, fibre optic cables and high speed electronic transfers has made instantaneous communication a common facility available to a large number of people at reasonable prices.
The challenge of the Postal Services is to fuse the powers of communications and information technology with the advantages of mailto increase efficiency and to offer a greater range of services and products to this end the various ways the computers and communication technologies can be pressed into service for adding value , speed, reliability and security to postal services and products, have to be disseminated to all Organizations , development of supporting software and management information systems, harnessing of appropriate communications technologies, training of personnel and building a supporting work culture are necessary components of such an endeavor.


The objective of this course is to equip the manager of the Postal Sector with the skills and knowledge to plan and execute Information Technology projects in Postal Services.

Course Details

 Duration  The duration of the training programme is 4 weeks.
 Number of Seats  26 (Twenty Six)
 Target Group  The middle level manager of Postal Administrations/Corporations.
 Performance Objectives  After the training, the trainees will be able to:
 1. Effectively use computers in work place.
 2. Operate various software packages of proven abilities in Postal Services.
 3. Use office automation tools.
 4. Plan and execute computerization projects in Post Offices.

Course Contents   

 Module 1  Computers and Operating System
 Module 2  Networking and Communications   
 Module 3  Post Office Computerisation in India Post
 Module 4  EMS Tracking System
 Module 5  Use of VSAT in Postal Environment
 Module 6  Computerisation of Post office Savings Bank
 Module 7  Technology Management
 Module 8  Internet
 Module 9  Project Management
 Module 10  Training for Technology
 Module 11  Visit to computerized Post Offices

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Language of the Course

The course would be conducted in English. The participants are expected to have a good working knowledge of English.

Course Faculty

The course faculty includes members of faculty of Postal Training Centre and experts who are invited as Guest Faculty.

Training Methodology

The training programme is based on fully validated course material. Designed as a ' Trainee Centred ' Programme , it will be run on highly interactive lines ensuring maximum involvement of the participants . The subject matter will be presented through lectures. Demonstrations , exercises and CBTs. Field study visits have been included to ensure an appropriate mix of theory with practice. All learning sessions are backed up by feedback sessions and tutorials.

Computer Labs

Postal Training Centre has 6 computer Labs equipped with more than 200 computers. This center uses computer based teaching method using multimedia. The labs are designed to facilitate on-line learning.

Programme Funding

The course is funded by Government of India under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC) and Special Commonwealth African Assis -tance Programme Plans (SCAAP)


The participants will be accommodated at hotel with air conditioned rooms on twin sharing basis.

General Information

The Postal Training Center at Mysore is located at a distance of 137 kms from Bangalore, the capital city of the state of Karnataka and the acknowledged capital of IT in the country. Mysore is connected to Bangalore by both rail and road.The drive from Bangalore takes about three hours. Mysore enjoys a cool and pleasant climate round the year with temperatures rarely going beyond 27 deg centigrade during October/November.Participants may carry a couple of light woolens if they wish.



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